• C-Channel

    C-Channel is a type of (usually structural steel) beam, used primarily in building construction and civil engineering. It’s a cross section consists of wide “web”, usually but not always oriented vertically, and two “Flanges” at the top and bottom of the web, only sticking out on one side of the web, often used where the flat, back side of the web can be mounted to another flat surface for maximum contact area. They are also sometimes welded together back-to-back to form a non-standard I-beam.

    Usual Structure: Primary structure for Ceiling Channel System, also used for Wall Framing & Partitions Material: Galvanized Steel


    0.70MM 0.80MM


    12MM X 38MM X 5.0M 12MM X 38MM X 5.0M


    Steel, Strong, Light and it doesn’t rust We cut to size to your requirement

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